Kinesiograph 7 (K7) evaluation system
K7/CMS (Computerized Mandibular Scanner) – Multiple sensors in extremely light weight (four ounce) spectacle-like array, track the motion of a tiny magnet attached to the lower incisal gingiva with adhesive material. The configuration is totally non-invasive and unlike clutches, does not interfere with patient function. The opossing sensors are wide apart permitting unobstructed access to the oral cavity for taking bite registration and other clinical procedures, and the system is virtually immune from effects of slight head motion or nearby metallic or electonic interference.

K7/EMG (Eight Channel Electromyograph) – Utilizing high quality bipolar surface electrodes, surface EMG data can be taken from up to eight muscle sites simultaneous and in real time. The program permits taking electromygraphy data either at rest or in function. All eight channels may be displayed simutaneously, for a period of 15 seconds (one visual screen width). The K7/EMG signal processing circuitry provides unsurpassed protection against system noise or motion artifact. The patient education mode permits quick and easy patient education as to status of masticatory muscles.

K7/ESG (Electrosonograph) – TMJ Vibration (Sound) Evaluation System. A lightweight headset holds highly sensitive vibration transducers over each TM joint, enabling simultaneous, bilateral capture of tissue vibrations emanating from joint sounds. Vibration (sound) data is correlated to vertical dimension of opening or closing, providing us with valuable information to aid in assessing the status of articular disk and joint function.

Teeth Whitening
Patient had moderate staining on upper teeth. Pre-treated with whitening trays and patient had one hour in-office whitening. Whiter teeth by 8 shades!